Experience a sense of relief and ease in your personal and professional life like never before! 


Join a community of like-minded women who are choosing to say NO to the overwhelm and YES to themselves.

Professional women

No more just getting by, it's time to get what you want. 

It's time for you.

As professional women, we do it all. At work. At home. At our kids' school. At church. In our communities. In our families. We do all the things and take on all the stuff. So much so that we crush ourselves under the weight that we've piled on ourselves! 


Do any of these sound familiar?


πŸ”ΆI say yes to staying late/working the weekend/putting in the overtime so my boss will appreciate me


πŸ”ΆI say yes to my kid's coach/teacher/club sponsor because if I don't they'll think I'm a bad parent.  


πŸ”ΆI say yes because I want don't want anyone to be mad at me. 


πŸ”ΆI say yes because it's easier than creating conflict.


πŸ”ΆI say yes because I'm afraid of what people will think if I say no. 


πŸ”ΆI say yes because I want people's approval.


πŸ”ΆI say yes because it just comes out before I even consider if I can take it on or not.


Woah, Nelly! It's time to pull the reigns, girlfriend. 


Balancing the demands of a career with personal and family obligations can be challenging. The truth is that many women take it all on, to their own detriment. This is the fast track to overwhelm, resentment, and stress that keep us stuck treading water waiting for the life raft while we quietly drown under all the weight of all that responsibility. I speak from firsthand knowledge. 



We have got to start doing better by ourselves. We cannot continue to say Yes to everyone all the time. Whether it's because we think that Yes will help us get ahead at work, we want to avoid conflict, or we hope that our Yes will make people like us, it is not healthy to say Yes to all the stuff. 


There's a time and place for Yes. Just not every time and every place. 


This applies to your personal life, too. Saying Yes to your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, child, neighbor, parents, and the people at your kid's school or your family's church also takes a toll! 


We cannot create a life that meets our needs and fulfills our dreams if we're always prioritizing other people's wants and goals over our own! We sure as heck shouldn't always be last in our own lives.

We matter. 

Until we learn to say Heck Yes to the things that lift us up and No Way to the things that deplete us, 

we will continue to carry around what feels like a backpack full of rocks. 


Good news, beautiful! 

Success and relief is right around the corner!


The 3E Signature Methodology for Women Who Take it All On

Benefit A


Embrace the good, the bad, and the messy in this stage of your life. Learn to show yourself compassion and grace as you raise awareness around your actions and behaviors, and the impact they have on your life. Assess where you are, where you want to be, and identify the steps that will get you to your ideal best self. 

Benefit F


Empower yourself and advocate for your own needs, desires, and goals with confidence. Develop inner strength and resilience so you can withstand external pressures to conform or please others. Build respect as you learn to say No Way to the things that deplete you and Heck Yes to the things that light you up. 

Benefit D


Elevate your standards for yourself and others as you step out of your comfort zone, set new boundaries, and prioritize your goals and dreams. Learn to handle feelings of guilt, fear, conflict, or worry about disappointing others. Establish a criteria that guides what you take on, and what you pass on. 

Introducing the Upward Mastermind Membership

🀍Learn: Master a new area of your life each month as you enjoy live and interactive workshops with a dual-certified High Performance Coach. Leave with new skills you can apply right away so you get closer to your goals! 


🀍Grow: Connect with other women in our specially-formatted Mastermind calls where you can seek professional and personal support from your peers. Share resources, insights, and ideas with one another in powerful social learning circles! 


🀍Execute: Carve out "get it done" time with other members so you can execute on the projects that will move the needle in your life. 


🀍Fine Tune: Enjoy a members-only online vault where you can access training replays in case you miss one, or revisit workshops at your leisure to get tune-ups when you need them. (Companion app coming in 2024! Watch on your computer or phone.)


🀍Community: Access a private online community where you'll grow with other Mastermind members who have your back and will support you on your journey.


🀍Adventure: Unlock your invite to the Upward Mastermind Membership 2024 invite-only retreat.


🀍Coaching: Fast track your progress with private monthly High Performance Coaching sessions (Platinum Elite Membership only)



Meet Your High Performance Coach: Amber Avines


Amber Avines is a certified High Performance Coach and a certified Elite Neuroencoding Specialist who has trained under world-renowned coaches including Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, and Joseph McClendon III. She helps people get to their next level selves following the scientifically backed framework established by the High Performance Institute. 

Amber developed her signature 3E Methodology and created the Upward Mastermind Membership (UMM) from the ground up to help women who tend to put everyone and everything ahead of themselves. She developed this powerful immersion program especially for career women who have tried to achieve personal and professional success by saying Yes, so they can find relief and ease by saying No.

Amber is devoted to personal development and has trained under Tony Robbins for more than 1,000+ hours. She is dedicated to creating life changing experiences for women and travels around the country to continuously develop her coaching skills so she can give her clients the highest caliber of training possible.

What Women Say...

"Amber really helped me to move forward on some things that were overwhelming me. She gave me some useful strategies for managing stress and a new way to frame things for myself. I like her approach of meeting you where you are rather than getting too bogged down in where you've been. Would absolutely recommend her to anyone in need of some direction. - Jenny R.


"Amber has helped guide me to focus on my goals and to clarify what is needed to achieve these goals. She is an excellent communicator who offers valuable feedback and ideas to help motivate her clients. I feel so inspired after meeting with her!" - Liz S.


"My session with Amber was beneficial in helping to set goals to achieve my better self. She offered different strategies and thought processes to push forward in meeting these goals!" - Minna T.

Win the Yes/No battle by saying Heck Yes with certainty to all the things that lift you up and confidently saying No Way to the never-ending asks that come your way! 

🧑Bye bye to overwhelm!

🧑So long to putting yourself at the bottom of your priority list!

🧑Farewell to feeling resentful or bitter that your Yeses aren't getting you the appreciation or recognition you think you deserve!

🧑Toodle-oo to backburning your own dreams and goals!

🧑...and hello to a life where you're in charge! Make decisions that honor how you feel and what you want, while still helping others in a way that preserves healthy boundaries and keeps you sane! 


The Upward Mastermind Membership

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Benefit A


This is the place where you can connect with women like you on a whole new level. In our exclusive mastermind format you will exchange ideas and resources with your peers while receiving group support. Leave each mastermind session feeling empowered and reinvigorated, ready to get things done while honoring your own personal goals and dreams!

Benefit F


Each month we'll tackle a different subject aimed at helping you live a life that feels easier and more fulfilling. Trainings are lead by a trained and certified coach who is dual certified as a High Performance Coach and an Elite Neuroencoding Specialist. Get expert guidance during workshops that help you learn, grow, and embody the woman who were always meant to be. 

Benefit D


Learning and growing takes dedicated "me time" and our coworking sessions help you set aside the time you need in a supportive environment. Drop into our weekly coworking sessions to prioritize getting work done that moves the needle in your personal or professional life. Use this dedicated time to remain accountable when needed and enjoy the journey with friends.